Terms and Conditions


About the round tables

Each discussion will include up to eight participants and last for 90 minutes. Each discussion will be supported by a facilitator and a note taker. A short Discussion Paper containing background information and a set of discussion questions will be circulated to all participants ahead of each discussion. In-person round tables will take place at the University of Regina during Congress 2018 between May 28 and May 31. Virtual round tables will take place in June 2018 that can be accessed by computer or by telephone.

The Federation is committed to making these discussions accessible to all members of the humanities and social sciences community, and spaces may be reserved to ensure participation by peoples from under-represented groups.

Privacy and data use

The following section is meant to help inform all participants about what information they will be asked to share and how that information will be used. Participants will be asked to share their names and some basic information about themselves in order to help us ensure diversity among our participants and to help us understand who is providing input. The names of participants will not be made public. We may, however, publish aggregate descriptions of the characteristics of this group.

Participants at the round table discussions will be asked to share their opinions on a set of discussion questions. A note taker will be present at each discussion to record the comments of participants, and a recording of the discussion may be produced for note-taking purposes only. Recordings will not be made public. Comments at the round table discussions will be used to inform the project’s key messages.

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