SSH News: Congress 2014 blog series, 2015 Federal budget, Consultations on open access and the ASPP

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Federation’s June Communiqué was released yesterday. The following are some of the highlights from this month and last.

This year, we hired a fantastic group of writers to contribute to our 2014 Congress blog series. They attended association meetings, community programs, and special events, and provided us with some engaging and insightful chronicles of Congress. With a range of personal interests, the team managed to highlight research from across disciplines. The bloggers shared their experiences attending events like Tim Cook's Big Thinking lecture on the culture of death among Canadian soldiers in WWI, film night hosted by the National Film Board of Canada, a Career Corner workshop on maximizing the benefits as a research assistant, an Equity Panel on the problematic nature of homophobic language, and David Plotz's Big Thinking lecture on digital journalism.

The House of Commons Finance Committee recently announced the launch of their pre-budget consultations for the 2015 federal budget. Submissions are due August 6, 2014. The Federation will be preparing a submission, and encourages members and individuals to make their own submissions as well.

The Federation is seeking input on a draft open access policy for the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program (ASPP). A public event was held at the 2014 Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences on Sunday, May 25. Following this event, the Federation has launched an online consultation. There are two ways to take part in this public consultation, by emailing a PDF document to that will then be uploaded to this webpage or by adding a comment on our website at The consultation period will close on September 18, 2014.

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