Good news for a new generation of talent

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The Federal government yesterday announced enhanced support for Canada’s next generation of scholars. SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC will jointly administer the new Banting Posdoctoral Fellowship program which will provide $70 000 annually for two years to support high-level post-doctoral research. The Federation is pleased that the new fellowship will be allocated equally between the three granting agencies, as it is the case for the Vanier Postgraduate Scholarships.  Many people and groups have advocated for such support and the creation of the fellowship is in line with our message that Canada needs to mobilize the best talent in every discipline to address today’s...

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ASPP titles win big at Congress 2010

Kel Morin-Parsons, Manager of ASPP One of the many wonderful things about Congress is the awarding of a number of book prizes.  With such a critical mass of scholars present, what better place to recognise scholarly accomplishment?  The University of Toronto Press blogs here about a number of its authors who won or received honourable mentions for prizes at Congress 2010.  I’m pleased to say that virtually all of the titles mentioned were supported by the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program (ASPP).  Candida Rifkind, Sheryl Hamilton, Beatrice Craig (a double winner), Becki Ross, Royden Loewen and Gerald Friesen, Kristen Good, Eric Mills, Bryan Palmer and Lara Campbell all received ASPP grants in...

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Fedcan's Big Thinking lecture is the place to be!

The team here at the Federation was gushing a bit with pride this week when the Ottawa Citizen listed our Big Thinking lecture series as one of the top five places for MP-spotting in the capital. We're in pretty good company with Hy's Steakhouse, D'Arcy McGee's pub and Mamma Teresa Ristorante. Perhaps if we could find a way to combine New York Strip steak, pints of Guinness, fresh pasta and an engaging lecture on social sciences and humanities research we'd have a truly un-stoppable formula.

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Dalhousie Scholar wins Donner Prize

Emily Andrew, editor at University of British Columbia Press, rang today to tell me that one of UBCP’s authors, Brian Bow of Dalhousie University, has won the Donner Prize for his book The Politics of Linkage:  Power, Interdependence, and Ideas in Canada-US Relations.  The Donner is given annually to the most outstanding and innovative book on Canadian public policy—and this year’s winner was proudly supported by the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program.  The ASPP is run by...

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Congratulations to Holberg Prize Winner

Canadian humanities researchers have yet again proven their ability to compete internationally, with the Holberg International Memorial Prize being awarded to a Canadian for the second year in a row.  Natalie Zemon Davis from the University of Toronto has won the prestigious $785,000 prize, a portion of which she plans to donate to research libraries, according to the Globe and Mail.

When asked to comment on the prize, Noreen Golfman, president of the Federation stated, “Often it takes validation from outside – whether it's Hollywood or Norway – before we're allowed to celebrate our own. It's a huge deal and a great, great honour in an area that people seem to think of as increasingly marginal.”

This is truly an example of the excellence and innovation inherent in our community.

You can read the full story from the Globe and Mail online...

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Fedcan on Budget 2010

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Rendu public la semaine dernière,le budget fédéral a été comme un feu de paille à en juger par la couverture dans les médias nationaux. Si la Fédération est satisfaite de constater que du financement est prévu pour le CRSH, il reste cependant à s’assurer que le gouvernement fédéral reconnaîtra la valeur de nos disciplines dans la mise en œuvre du budget.

La présidente de la Fédération, Noreen Golfman, a offert les commentaires suivants sur le budget de cette année :

« Compte tenu du contexte économique actuel, nous considérons ce budget comme un vote de confiance à l’endroit de la collectivité de recherche universitaire et en sa capacité de contribuer à l’innovation canadienne et rendre le pays davantage concurrentiel. Aujourd’hui, la recherche est par nature interdisciplinaire...

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Fedcan on Budget 2010

Ryan Saxby Hill, Media Relations

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The federal budget was released last week to much (but seemingly unsustainable) attention from the national press. Generally, the Federation was pleased that SSHRC was supported in the funding announcements and will continue to work with the Federal government to ensure that these announcements are implemented in a way that recognizes the value of our disciplines.

Federation president Noreen Golfman provided the following comments on this year’s budget:

“Viewed within the larger economic context...

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