Awards to Scholarly Publications Program

Awards to Scholarly Publications Program

***Effective March 23, 2020, the Federation for the Humanites and Social Sciences is unable to receive mail and courier deliveries due to COVID-19 closures. Please see electronic submission instructions below.***

The Awards to Scholarly Publications Program is a key activity of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Formerly known as the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program, the ASPP is a competitive funding program designed to assist with the publication of scholarly books on topics in the humanities and social sciences.

Through this program, the Federation tangibly supports research dissemination and encourages excellence in humanities and social science scholarship.

Under the program’s mandate to support books of advanced scholarship in the humanities and social sciences that make an important contribution to knowledge, the ASPP has supported the publication of over 7,000 books that have helped to enrich the social, cultural and intellectual life of Canada and the world.

Each year, the ASPP offers 180 Publication Grants of $8,000 and five Translation Grants of $12,000, contributing 1.5 million dollars to the dissemination of Canadian research. The Federation recognizes the best ASPP-funded books through its annual Canada Prizes. The Federation supports Open Access and has established a policy to actively promote and facilitate Open Access publishing of ASPP-funded books.

The Federation gratefully acknowledges the funding of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Who can apply?

Eligible Canadian authors and publishers can apply for ASPP grants to support the publication or translation of scholarly books. Please consult the page For Authors or For Publishers to determine if you and your book are eligible.

More information


Summer 2020

The Federation has released a report on the ASPP’s 2019-2020 program year. The report can also be accessed on the ASPP’s About page.

March 23, 2020

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences is not able to receive mail through Canada Post or other couriers for the immediate future, due to COVID-19 security protocols being applied at our building.

If you are submitting an application to the ASPP to support publishing or translating a book, please email us at

  • A PDF of the completed application form
  • All of the items listed at the end of the form, in electronic format

If you are submitting a payment request for a published book that received funding from ASPP, in lieu of mailing or couriering your information, please email us at

  • A PDF or picture of the Acknowledgements page including the ISBN
  • A photo of the book so that we can "see" a hard copy of the final product
  • The signed Payment Request Form, as a PDF
  • Any other supporting documentation in electronic format

Please keep a hard copy of the book aside, as we will ask you to send it to us when mail service and delivery services are restored.

If you mailed us anything in the past week, please let us know by email. We expect that a small number of undelivered items are currently sitting with Canada Post, and we wish to minimize the impact that that may have.