Michelynn Laflèche Biography


Michelynn Laflèche

Michelynn Laflèche is Director of Research, Public Policy and Evaluation at United Way Toronto. Prior to this, she studied and worked on race and gender issues in Canada, Germany and the UK. She obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa, her Master’s degree at the University of Toronto and undertook her postgraduate studies jointly at the University of Toronto and Karls Ruprecht University. Michelynn worked as a research consultant, an ESL teacher and a university lecturer over a period of ten years before relocating to London. She joined the Runnymede Trust in 1997, one of the UK’s leading social policy research charities, and was appointed Chief Executive in 2001. Michelynn led the organisation for eight of its most successful years until returning to Canada in 2009. Since then, Michelynn worked as an independent consultant and for the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance before joining United Way Toronto in 2011.