Our members

A broad, deep and dynamic membership

Rich, vibrant and diverse, the Federation's membership includes over 160 universities, colleges and scholarly associations. The Federation represents the powerful collective voice of more than 91,000 scholars, students and practitioners from every discipline in the humanities and social sciences. 

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There are three types of membership at the Federation:

  • Scholarly association members represent a wide array of disciplines, from theatre arts, literature,  and history, to sociology, education and political science.  These associations bring together researchers and graduate students at Canadian institutions and are recognized for scholarly excellence, creativity and leadership. 
  • Institutional members represent universities and colleges that form the backbone of research and education in Canada’s humanities and social sciences. These institutions across Canada are linked and empowered through their membership with the Federation.
  • Affiliates are other partner organizations dedicated to issues in post-secondary education and research, whose objectives are closely linked to those of the Federation, such as research libraries or research networks. 

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For more information about membership or Federation programs, please contact membership@ideas-idees.ca