Status of women in the academy

Status of Women: Gender and the Ivory Ceiling of Service Work in the Academy

Joy Misra, Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Elissa Holmes, Stephanie Agiomavritis, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Guest Contributors

This entry is part of the CFHSS’s Equity Issues Portfolio series on the Status of Women in the Disciplines and in the Academy.

Service work continues to pull women associate professors away from research. What can be done?

How does a successful associate professor with a distinguished publication record, a visible leadership role among women scientists on campus, and prestigious grant funding for interdisciplinary initiatives in graduate and undergraduate training as well as research feel about...

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Women’s Status in Higher Education: Equity Matters

Elizabeth J. Allan, University of Maine
Guest contributor

he excerpt below is the Executive Summary of the ASHE’s Higher Education Report: Volume 37, Number 1, Women’s Status in Higher Education: Equity Matters, by Elizabeth J. Allan. It is from the Wiley Online Library.

Significant gains have been made in women’s access to and representation in higher education. Although they are important, focus on these improvements provides only a partial picture of gender equity and inequity. Taken alone, enrollment data tend to eclipse other factors that shape women’s...

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Making it Work: Disabled women shaping spaces in education and employment

Nancy E. Hansen, University of Manitoba
Guest Contributor

As a human geographer studying disability I am always aware of surroundings, how spaces and places are organized – and as a disabled female academic, even more so. As disabled people we are often perceived as aliens on the scene. That is, we are not expected to be “here” (wherever that is).

Until very recently, disabled people have be trapped in a parallel universe built on lack of expectation of ability and limitation of opportunity. Hence, our arrival within the academy is often unexpected. Social policy and...

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Equity and women of colour: Things are slow to change in the academy

Audrey Kobayashi, Queen's University
Guest Contributor

Women of colour remain severely underrepresented in Canadian academia. Notwithstanding employment equity policies that have been in place for at least two decades in most universities, they are still hired at levels way below their availability in the PhD pool in most disciplines. And those who make it into the hallowed halls consistently report that they experience consistent, debilitating,...

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