SSH News: AUCC’s UniversityWorks, support for humanities research at McGill, and upcoming events

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) launched a new website on Tuesday that features short videos highlighting how positive university experiences can lead to rewarding careers in the future. The website, called UniversityWorks, includes testimonials by graduates from across the country, each reflecting on their personal university experience and how it has impacted their transition into the world of work. Some of the topics discussed so far include internships, studying abroad, and the opportunities created by pursuing an arts degree, and AUCC is inviting other Canadian graduates to submit videos sharing their own stories.

McGill University has received...

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SSH News: Imagining Canada’s Future, Big Thinking with Richard Hawkins, and the Power of the Arts National Forum

Christine McKenna Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) has released the results of their Imagining Canada’s Future initiative, which includes six future challenge areas likely to emerge as Canada moves through the next few decades in an evolving global context. Following a cross-Canada consultation period launched in 2011, the six challenges were designated as areas in which SSHRC believes it can and should make a difference with help from the Canadian social sciences and humanities research community. Visit their...

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SSH News: CIBC report responses, volunteer at the World Social Science Forum, and the Royal Society of Canada names new fellows and award winners


Last week saw the release of a report from CIBC about the current state of employment prospects for university graduates. Since then, discussions about the value of a university education have ramped up across the Canadian media, with many questioning the practicality of studying in disciplines associated with the liberal arts. In response, an article in the ...

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The 2013 Canada Prize winner videos are now online!

Publishers are currently submitting their nominations for the 2014 Canada Prizes, the Federation’s annual award to the best scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences that have received funding from the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program. Each year we feature the winning authors in a series of short videos, where they discuss their award-winning works and the fascinating research that went into them. Below are the official videos highlighting the winners of the 2013 Canada Prizes.

Listen to Canada Prize in the Humanities winner François-Marc Gagnon describe a piece of early Canadian art:


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What’s the big idea? – Micah Anshan’s new role for drug users

Christine McKenna Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

In 1956, William S. Burroughs sent a letter to the British Journal of Addiction with an article enclosed, which described his experiences using a broad collection of drugs and the symptoms of withdrawal from each. Of the common tendency to use the word addiction “to indicate anything one is used to or wants,” he suggests that “so misapplied, the term loses any useful precision of meaning.” Burroughs, a seminal figure of the 1950s Beat movement, appears in this letter to call for an understanding of “real addiction” as experienced by a “real addict”.

According to...

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SSH News: University arts program woes, “Designing Healthy Campus Communities”, and the Global Young Academy calls for new members


Christine McKenna Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The University of Prince Edward Island has seen its enrolment of students into arts programs drop 22% for this September, and registrar Kathy Kielly suggests the arts decline is part of a nationwide trend. Similarly, the University of Alberta has chosen to suspend admission into 20 arts programs due to low student enrolment, an adjustment related to its budget cuts of $84 million over the next 3 years. Maybe the humanities in Canada are not as safe as we thought.

A collaboration between the...

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Eligibility criteria for CIHR Foundation Scheme live pilot competitions released


Christine McKenna Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) have recently undertaken a number of steps to reform and improve their Open Suite of Programs and peer review process for funding Canadian health-focused research.  At the Federation’s recommendation in the spring of 2012, CIHR developed a Humanities and Social Sciences Advisory Group comprised of Canadian scholars from across these disciplines. After soliciting feedback from this group and the broader the research community on the preliminary program reform outline, CIHR has developed a new system for their investigator-driven grants process that will reorganize the suite into two new schemes:

“The Foundation Scheme is designed to provide long-term support to research leaders at any career stage with demonstrated track records of success, including new/early career investigators with...

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Ninth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences is an international, interdisciplinary event that examines the nature of disciplinary practices, and the interdisciplinary practices that arise in the context of ‘real world’ applications. It also interrogates what constitutes ‘science’ in a social context, and the connections between the social and other sciences. The focus of presentations range from the finely grained and empirical, to wide-ranging multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary practices, to perspectives on knowledge and method.

The 2013 conference, held in Prague, Czech Republic, saw over 250 delegates representing over 45 countries.

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquia addressing Interdisciplinary Social Sciences through one of the following themes:
* Social and Community Studies
* Civic and Political Studies
* Cultural Studies
* Global...

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International Conference on Design Principles and Practices

Design is our collective intelligence. It shapes the world we live in. We can recognize design in the materiality of our objects, the environments we dwell in, and the visual communication that we share. Design is the common ground of everyday life, and becomes the layer connecting the way we perceive our world, cultures and societies.

The conference will try to address the following questions with an interdisciplinary approach, through keynote speakers, workshops, and parallel sessions:

How does design contribute to the future of our societies?
What tools and approaches can we develop to share creativity and design?
What projects and creative solutions are designers producing for our collective future?
What is the relationship between individual action and collective sharing in design?
What is the relationship between ecological knowledge and cultural adaptation?

The International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, held in...

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