Studying Canadian biculturalism


1947 - CSSRC Committee on the Study of Biculturalism in Canada

Established in May 1947 with B.S. Keirstead as its chair, the committee's goal is to encourage research on the political, historical, religious and cultural relationship between French and English groups in Canada. While many projects are envisioned, the primary focus is on a historical study of the relationship between French and English Canada to be undertaken by French historian Marcel Giraud. Unfortunately, changes in council membership and troubles with long-distance communication result in a misunderstanding between Professor Giraud and the committee, further resulting in his resigning from the project in 1951. The whole affair is nearly abandoned. However, in June 1954 a new work structure is established and eventually, under the leadership of Jean-Charles Falardeau, the committee publishes La Dualité canadienne/Canadian Dualism in 1960.