Social Sciences and Humanities think about a merger


July 24, 1986 - January 17, 1987 - Talks between the CFH and SSFC about merging

In 1986, the Social Science Federation of Canada (SSFC) commissions a task force on funding of the federation in light of perpetual budget concerns. The task force recommends that the two secretariats merge to reduce costs and “eliminate duplication of activities.” Both federations conclude they will seriously consider merging if the task force provides clearer priorities. President Christian Pouyez writes in December 1986 that “I think, ideally, the Canadian academic community should not have three or four different Federations (i.e. SSFC, CFH, CFBS, etc…) but one ‘council of learned societies’ that would be supported by both the member associations and the universities. I am probably ‘dreaming in color’... but it is a proposition that deserves to be explored.”