A social science radio show


December 7, 1985 - SSFC begins plan for radio program

The Social Science Federation of Canada (SSFC) has considered a radio program for the general public since the early 1980s. The program gains traction following the Ministry of State for Science and Technology’s (MOSST) 1984 proposal of a federal Public Awareness Program for science and technology. The radio program launches in 1985 with interviewers Mildred Macdonald and Mari-José Dancoste. While the program will be based in Ottawa, they do not want to remain focused on Ottawa. MOSST gives the SSFC $15,000 for the show under their Public Awareness Program. Some members also provide funding for the show. They will produce 10 two-minute clips per week—5 English, 5 French. The show is scheduled to start broadcasting on January 1, 1986. Macdonald and Dancoste interview visiting scholars. The pitch of the show is called “‘Did You Know That…?’ a new weekly series of interviews on topics in the ‘people’ sciences.”