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Institutional Frameworks that Support Learning & Teaching: The RRU Experience


Friday, June 7, 2013, 13:00 - 14:30


McKinnon Building - Room 150

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Understanding how your university’s particular institutional framework supports  teaching and learning can help guide how you design your courses, and just as importantly, how you actually teach them.  Royal Roads University has just concluded a two-year process of defining its university-wide Learning and Teaching Model – an institutional framework that identifies the core elements of its overall approach to designing and delivering educational programs.

Join us as the three principal authors provide an overview of the L&T Model – its rationale, main features, the process of development, and next steps. The panelists share their own reflection on the benefits of developing the framework – its value to the university, to faculty, and to the scholarship of teaching and learning.The panelists will conclude the session by reflecting critically on the strengths, limitations and challenges of developing institutional frameworks that support faculty in developing courses and designing effective learning experiences for students.


  • Doug Hamilton (Education and Technology, Royal Roads University)
  • Pedro Marquez (Dean, Faculty of Management, Royal Roads University)
  • Niels Agger-Gupta (Leadership Studies, Royal Roads University)