Federal budget & research funding

Federal budget and research funding


Latest news: Action on Canada’s Fundamental Science Review

The release of the Science Review advisory panel’s recommendations to the Government of Canada in April 2017 (often referred to as the “Naylor report”) has created the most important opportunity in recent memory to reshape Canada’s research landscape. The Federation, together with partners across the higher education sector, is encouraging the federal government to act on the panel’s recommendations. See this list of useful resources

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Canada's Fundamental Science Review

In June 2016, Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan launched an independent review of federal funding for fundamental science. In April 2017 the review’s advisory panel published their recommendations, after a nation-wide consultation process. The Federation helped to inform the panel’s recommendations and is encouraging the Government of Canada to act on its findings.

Federation welcomes the Science Review panel’s report

Federation submission to the 2016 Science Review consultation

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