A continuous conversation


2015 - A continuous conversation

As an overarching and enduring commitment, the Federation continues to play a key role in sustaining a continuous, persuasive and positive conversation about the value of the humanities and social sciences with public agencies, governments, the private sector, civil society and the public. As a convenor of people and ideas the Federation seeks to articulate the value of a liberal arts education and to assemble and articulate the community’s priorities on issues ranging from federal research policy, granting councils’ programs and funding, Aboriginal reconciliation, innovation, digital infrastructure, the need for a long-form mandatory census, the role of libraries and archives, copyright, student mobility and experiential learning. Through initiatives such as Congress and the Big Thinking lecture series, the Federation continues to leverage the power of the whole network of its members and its partnerships. In so doing, the Federation continues to champion the voice of the sector and make advancements toward an inclusive, democratic and prosperous society both within and beyond our borders.