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Trudeau Fellows advance knowledge of Canadian society

OTTAWA, October 2, 2012 – The Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences congratulates the 2012 Trudeau Fellows, some of Canada’s most talented and creative scholars and public intellectuals pursuing research in the humanities and social sciences.

“The Trudeau Fellows are an exceptional group of researchers and thinkers who make meaningful contributions to their respective fields of research, and enrich our understanding of social issues in Canada,” said Graham Carr, president of the CFHSS.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation announced its 2012 Trudeau Fellows this morning in Toronto. The fellowships support research in public issues of importance to Canada. Fellows receive $225,000, payable over three years, and are invited to participate in the Trudeau Public Interaction Program to communicate their research and ideas to a broader audience. Each year, one Trudeau fellow presents a Big Thinking lecture at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Canada's largest academic conference.

The 2012 Trudeau fellows are:

  • Maria Campbell (visiting Trudeau fellow), University of Ottawa, will contribute to innovative research at the new Chair in Métis Studies, to help Canadians better understand Métis society, history, and culture.
  • Catherine Dauvergne, University of British Columbia, is a long-time advocate for refugee rights and global justice. She is working on a book about global migration regulation.
  • Joseph Heath, University of Toronto, is a renowned philosopher who poses fundamental questions about Canadian society. His books examine and help clarify our political and economic systems.
  • Janine Marchessault, York University, is a media scholar and art curator who illustrates urban sustainability issues through public art.

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