The Massey Commission


1949 - Councils submit briefs to the Massey Commission

The Massey Commission has been struck to evaluate the state of Canadian culture. As a result, both research councils will present briefs for the commissioners to consider. The briefs explain the purpose and history of the councils to the Massey Commission, along with describing the work they have already accomplished in their short lives. They also clearly state that their funding from American foundations will not last forever and that a Canadian solution will need to be found. From the Humanities Research Council of Canada brief: “It is a significant commentary on the maturity of our culture that such an organization as the Humanities Research Council of Canada should have been financed almost entirely by grants from the United States. The irony of this situation has not been lost on the members of the council who have felt for some time that many of its enterprises contribute in a direct and effective way to the cultural development of Canada, as a whole, and that the council should therefore most properly receive the support of Federal grants for the continuance of its work.”