Students and learning

Students and learning


The teaching of new knowledge and skills is a core component of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. This section describes ongoing work to improve the effectiveness of teaching and the student experience in the humanities and social sciences. 

Future of the PhD in the humanities and social sciences

Across Canada, scholars and universities are working to ensure that HSS PhD programs maintain their quality and relevance in a rapidly changing world. The Federation is a regular participant in this ongoing effort.

  • TRaCE: A research program designed to see what humanities PhD graduates are doing after earning their degrees. Find more information here.
  • Future of the PhD in the humanities conferences: A series of linked conferences at Canadian universities exploring the challenges and opportunities facing the humanities PhD.
  • Canadian Association of Graduate Studies (CAGs) has formed working groups to study two critical aspects of doctoral education: the dissertation and the comprehensive exam. A discussion paper has been prepared to help animate the conversation. Find more information here.

Student mobility and experiential learning

Experiential learning opportunities for students, in the form of meaningful, paid co-ops, internships and international learning opportunities, are essential tools to help students build skills and relationships that ready them for work in a changing economy.

See the Federation’s recommendations regarding student mobility in: