Role of HSS


About this project

The Federation is launching an ambitious new project to help the humanities and social science community articulate the value of their scholarship. Our objective is to develop a renewed, evidence-based account of how the humanities and social sciences affect people’s lives in the 21st century and to communicate this effectively to key audiences in government, the media, the higher-education sector and the general public.

Discussion paper

This discussion paper has been prepared to spark a conversation about the importance of the humanities and social sciences. The paper explores why now is an important time to undertake this project, proposes some approaches for talking about the value of these disciplines, and invites members of the humanities and social sciences community to provide feedback.

Share your thoughts with us

We are committed to developing this project in collaboration with the humanities and social sciences community and we invite scholars and students in these disciplines to share their thoughts with us. This input will help us develop the key messages featured in a major report to be published in 2019. Opportunities to contribute to this project include:

  • IN PERSON: The Federation will host a series of in-person round table discussions with members to explore the key themes of this project at the University of Regina during Congress 2018, between May 28 and May 31. Sign up now to confirm your attendance and secure your spot.
  • VIRTUALLY: For those who cannot attend Congress, virtual round table discussions will take place in June 2018 that can be accessed by either computer or by telephone. Sign up now to confirm your attendance and secure your spot.
  • IN WRITING: If you would like to submit your ideas in writing, please review this discussion paper and send us a document that addresses the four discussion questions below as well as anything else you would like to add. Please send written submissions to by June 30 (please try to keep submissions to fewer than six pages). 
  • If you are interested in providing input but are not able to participate through one of the options above, please contact the project lead, Peter Severinson, at