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The Role of HSS during COVID-19

Responding to a global pandemic is much more than a technical challenge, and success requires much more than technical knowledge. COVID-19 is being rigorously studied within the health sciences, but the quality of our pandemic response depends every bit as much on the contributions of sociologists, economists, political scientists, and historians, among others. The same is true of other complex challenges, from climate change to economic inequality: if it involves people, it involves the humanities and social sciences.

Our scholars’ contributions are essential, and that’s why we are putting a spotlight on them today and in the coming weeks and months. What you see here is the result and analysis of over 120 research submissions from our community.

Discover a new article every month! If you are doing HSS research on COVID-19, it’s not too late. Share your research with us.

From our blog: how Canadian social scientists are examining the pandemic

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The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences is sharing this research as part of its Role of HSS during COVID-19 initiative. This ongoing digital content series puts a spotlight on timely and vital research from within its member community that helps Canadians to understand, navigate, and ultimately recover from the effects COVID-19.

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2018 Discussion paper

This discussion paper was prepared to spark a conversation about the importance of the humanities and social sciences. The paper explores why now is an important time to undertake this project, proposes some approaches for talking about the value of these disciplines, and invites members of the humanities and social sciences community to provide feedback.