Issues in scholarly publishing


1976 - Both councils have discussions surrounding issues in scholarly publishing and the ASPP

Throughout its history, the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program (ASPP) faces several critical issues. As a joint granting body for scholarly publications, the ASPP reacts in many ways to changes in the Humanities Research Council of Canada and Social Science Research Council of Canada. For instance, translating books between French and English is a necessary focal point for the councils. Funding is a continuing issue for the ASPP. By the 1980s, the federations lobby to protect their funding, specifically for the ASPP which is an important service for the academic community. In 1990, the program is further troubled by the federal reduction to the Postal Subsidy Program which aids in distribution costs. In 1991, when the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) cut the prospective ASPP budget, the federations petition their own members to contribute money to the program. The ASPP also deals with problems specific to publication, such as delays in distribution and print costs.