HRCC 20th anniversary


May 26 1964 - 20th anniversary of the Humanities Research Council of Canada

In May 1964, the Humanities Research Council of Canada (HRCC) holds a celebration in Montréal to commemorate their very first meeting in the same place twenty years prior. Scholars from across the country are in attendance as speeches are delivered about the past, present and future of the council. J Ménard and J.R Daniells each present a poem about the history of the council. In a letter to the council to recognize the occasion, Prime Minister Pearson sums up the reason its continued existence is necessary: “For sure, in our world of 1964, a world that sometimes threatens to become addicted to technocracy, we need the humanities more than ever, so that the ‘culture’ of science will be counselled by the ‘culture’ of the humanities, for the peaceful benefit and betterment of mankind.” That same day, the council holds a symposium on the future of the humanities.