Oct 9

Big Thinking

Bringing Quebec Back In

Guy Laforest, Université Laval
October 9, 2014

In French.

Nearly 60 years ago Maurice Lamontagne, a liberal economist from Université Laval, wrote that Quebec occupied a hybrid and ambivalent place in Confederation. He was correct on this point, recounting the political and intellectual life of a society too caught up in internal debates to fully participate in Canada’s institutional life. Lamontagne also felt this situation could not last indefinitely – though on this point he was mistaken, as it has endured to this day.

Guy Laforest, a professor in Université Laval’s political science department, will further explore the notion that Quebec is in a state of internal exile in Canada. How do we ensure Quebec plays a greater role in the country’s political life? And how do we facilitate and promote this in the National Capital and elsewhere? Guy Laforest will show that despite the mistrust and indifference of recent years, the national goals and visions of Quebec and the rest of Canada can co-exist in one country.

This lecture is part of the 20th anniversary of the Big Thinking lecture series on Parliament Hill. For the anniversary, the series has invited lecturers to share their perspectives on how policy issues have – or have not – changed, and what we can learn going forward.