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Transcending click rates and page views using social sciences research

York University postdoc applies anthropology principles to social media strategy

Guest blog by Robyn Dugas, Content Specialist, Mitacs, Inc.

If you’re running a company, a social media presence is probably an essential component of your marketing strategy. Your impact can be measured in terms of clicks and impressions — but what if you wanted to get a deeper, more personal idea of how social media works?

Treefrog, based in Newmarket, Ontario, knows all about social media for businesses. It provides a variety of marketing services to clients, including ‘traditional’ social media strategy. But a series of conversations between Sean Stephens, Treefrog CEO, and Laurie Baker, then an anthropology PhD candidate at York University, sparked a shift in how the company approaches social media....

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My top 5 things to do at Congress 2017

Guest blog by Mohamed Lachemi, President and Vice Chancellor, Ryerson University 

There is so much at Congress 2017 that it would be impossible to get to everything. What  are the must-sees  during your visit to Ryerson and Toronto? It is difficult to choose, but here is a list of my top 5 things to do at Congress 2017.

1. If you don’t see anything else, explore these buildings on our campus – Ryerson Image Centre, Mattamy Athletic Centre and the Student Learning Centre. They are some of our newest and most exciting additions to campus.

You won’t be able to miss the Ryerson Image Centre, adorned just recently with an enormous  panorama of iconic Canadian personalities including Buffy Sainte-Marie, Pierre Trudeau and Mary Pickford...

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Three independent publishers. Three landmark anniversaries in 2017.

Guest blog by Matthew Adams, Between the Lines Publicist

In 2017 three Canadian publishers and Congress 2017 exhibitors — University of Manitoba Press, Between the Lines and Fernwood Publishing — will celebrate big anniversaries.  See below for more information about the party!

Founded in 1967, the University of Manitoba Press (UMP) is a leading publisher of books on Indigenous studies and Canadian history. UMP produces books that combine important scholarship with a deep engagement in issues and events that affect our lives, including immigration studies, ethnic studies, the study of Canadian literature, culture, politics, Indigenous languages and a wide-ranging list of books on the heritage of the peoples and land of the Canadian prairies. UMP books have been recognized for their excellence with dozens of prestigious awards.

In 1977, a small group of activists founded...

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Big Picture at #congressh: The Next 150 on Indigenous Lands

Guest blog by Karen Leiva, Congress 2017 blogger

The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences brings together leading thinkers, academics, researchers, policy-makers and innovators to explore some of the world’s most challenging issues. Congress celebrates the vitality and quality of Canadian research contributions, and helps train the next generation of Canadian ideas leadership. This year’s theme “The Next 150, on Indigenous Lands" celebrates the history, legacy and achievements of the peoples and territories that make us who we are, and anticipates the boundless opportunities of the future. Organized by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, this year’s Congress is being hosted by Ryerson University in Toronto from May 27-June 2. Follow this series of Big Picture at #congressh blogs.

With the overarching theme of Congress 2017 being “The Next 150, on Indigenous Lands,” expect to find programming that...

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Exhibiting Nation: Multicultural Nationalism (and Its Limits) in Canada’s Museums

Guest blog by Caitlin Gordon-Walker, interdisciplinary scholar, Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia

Exhibiting Nation: Multicultural Nationalism (and Its Limits) in Canada’s Museums begins with my memories of visiting the Royal BC Museum as a child, as a young adult, and  later  as a museum scholar. I have a nostalgic fondness for this museum and its exhibitions, but also see reflected within them commonly held narratives of the province and more broadly the nation, which by celebrating a certain form of unity in diversity also work to inscribe particular kinds of limits on the diversity they seek to celebrate.

While my personal sense of uneasiness with these...

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