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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2010: Racism, anti-racism and the academy

Frances Henry, York University
Guest Contributor

Anti-racist scholars across the country are raising critical issues about the dynamics of racial inequity in the Canadian academy. An increasing literature written largely by racialized and Indigenous scholars questions the persistence of hegemonic whiteness of the university by asking questions such as: Who is represented in the academy? Whose voice is heard and who is ignored?  Whose knowledge counts and whose knowledge is discounted?

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Congratulations to Holberg Prize Winner

Canadian humanities researchers have yet again proven their ability to compete internationally, with the Holberg International Memorial Prize being awarded to a Canadian for the second year in a row.  Natalie Zemon Davis from the University of Toronto has won the prestigious $785,000 prize, a portion of which she plans to donate to research libraries, according to the Globe and Mail.

When asked to comment on the prize, Noreen Golfman, president of the Federation stated, “Often it takes validation from outside – whether it's Hollywood or Norway – before we're allowed to celebrate our own. It's a huge deal and a great, great honour in an area that people seem to think of as increasingly marginal.”

This is truly an example of the excellence and innovation inherent in our community.

You can read the full story from the Globe and Mail online...

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Mentoring, gendered work and an academic career

Sarah Wolfe, University of Waterloo and Ailsa Craig, Memorial University
Guest Contributors

Every day begins with an email: ‘Here’s my pact. What are you doing today?’  The messages fly back and forth, halfway across the country. Hardly the conventional model for academic mentorship, but it works for us.

We started chatting through an online community for students finishing dissertations. We are not in the same field – though our research has overlapping concerns – nor are we at the same institution. We have no shared...

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Federation’s VP-Equity receives award

The Federation would like to extend deep congratulations to Malinda S. Smith, vice-president of Equity Issues, on receiving the Anti-Racism Award 2010 (individual category). Awarded by the Centre for Race and Culture (formerly the Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations), the Anti-Racism Award recognizes contributions to end racism in Edmonton. The award will be presented as part of the CRC’s gala banquet marking the International Day for the Elimination of Discrimination. Malinda’s work on critical approaches to race, gender and social justice has connected her to the university and beyond. Here at the Federation, she most recently launched the Equity Matters online conversation, consisting of blog posts from academics across Canada exploring current equity issues.

Malinda has also been the driving force behind bringing equity issues to the Congress of the Humanities and Social Science - where she has led the...

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