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Thunder in her soul – Remembering Patricia A. Monture

Malinda S. Smith, Vice President, Equity

Patricia Monture

Her Mohawk name was ‘Aywahande,’ or “the one who speaks first or gets things going with words.”

Professor Patricia (‘Trish’) Monture, the brilliant and accomplished Haudenosaunee lawyer, educator, writer and scholar, died on the 17th of November in Saskatoon. A citizen of the Mohawk Nation, Grand River Territory, she was a full Professor and Academic Director of the Aboriginal Justice and Criminology Program in the Department of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Known for her great intellect, determined activism and wonderful sense of humour, Professor Monture was a respected teacher and colleague, inspired mentor and beloved friend to many within and outside the academy. A passionate...

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Our Time to Lead – Racism and Exclusion in the Academy

Malinda S. Smith, Vice-President, Equity

The November 2010 cover story of University Affairs addresses the thorny issue of the exclusion of ‘visible-minority’ or ‘racialized’ scholars in the Canadian academy.  In the editorial introducing the issue, Peggy Berkowitz makes clear that, “Racism in the Canadian academy is a serious and sensitive topic, one that we haven’t taken on lightly.” In the print...

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Making it Work: Disabled women shaping spaces in education and employment

Nancy E. Hansen, University of Manitoba
Guest Contributor

As a human geographer studying disability I am always aware of surroundings, how spaces and places are organized – and as a disabled female academic, even more so. As disabled people we are often perceived as aliens on the scene. That is, we are not expected to be “here” (wherever that is).

Until very recently, disabled people have be trapped in a parallel universe built on lack of expectation of ability and limitation of opportunity. Hence, our arrival within the academy is often unexpected. Social policy and...

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The right to be safe: Bullying is a human rights issue

Wendy Craig (Queen’s University), Joanne Cummings (York University), and Debra Pepler (York University)
Guest Contributors

Recent highly profiled cases in the media of bullying leading to suicide have highlighted a significant public health problem, one with tragic consequences. Our research shows that at its core, bullying is a relationship problem where the rights of children are violated.

Bullying is a problem that arises from complex interpersonal dynamics.  Within the relationship...

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