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Federal Election 2011: Equity, diversity and social justice in the English leaders' debate

Malinda S. Smith, Vice-President, Equity Issues

As a political scientist, I think election debates are an important opportunity for citizens to assess the various party positions on the issues that matter to Canadians. As Vice-President, Equity Issues for the Federation, I thought it would be a useful exercise to identify some of the equity, diversity and social justice themes that emerged in the elections debates. Although the debate found me abroad, speaking at a Canadian Studies Symposium in Cuba, I had television access to the debates both in English (via CTV global) and French (via Radio Canada), as well as to live blogging via the Globe and Mail’s web site.

The two nationally televised federal election debates were held on Tuesday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 13. The leaders of four of Canada’s national parties – Conservative leader and prime minister Stephen Harper,...

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Prix du Canada en sciences sociales: Une entrevue avec Antoine Boisclair

Le Prix du Canada en sciences humaines et le Prix du Canada en sciences sociales reconnaissent des ouvrages savants qui sont essentiels à la croissance du savoir et qui enrichissent la vie sociale, culturelle et intellectuelle au Canada et au monde. Quatre prix – deux en anglais et deux en français – d’une valeur de $2 500 chacun sont décernés chaque année. Les ouvrages admissibles pour les prix ont reçu une subvention du Programme d’aide à l’édition savante et sont choisis par un jury de savants de partout au Canada.

Antoine Boisclair est lauréat du Prix du Canada en sciences humaines 2011. Comme en témoignent de manière exemplaire...


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2011 Canada Prize in the Humanities: An interview with Louis-Jacques Dorais

The Canada Prize in the Humanities and the Canada Prize in the Social Sciences recognize scholarly manuscripts that are vital to the growth of humanity's knowledge, and enrich the social, cultural and intellectual life of Canada and the world. Four prizes - two in English and two in French - worth $2,500 each are awarded each year. Eligible titles have been supported by the Federation's Aid to Scholarly Publications Program and the winners selected by a cross-Canada jury of scholars.

Louis-Jacques Dorais is winner of the 2011 Canada Prize in the Humanities. Professor Dorais’ book...

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Federal Election 2011: Week two roundup

This week, election news was filled with party platform announcements, with a few relevant post-secondary initiatives.
The Liberals released a platform on Monday outlining a Veterans’ Learning Benefit, and proposed lifting the cap for Aboriginal student funding as well as creating a Canada Métis scholarship program and refinancing the First Nations University. The Liberals also promised to restore the long-form census.

The Green Party’s...

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