Sharing knowledge through Community Connections

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Communications team, University of Regina

More than ever, universities are expected to produce knowledge that is of tangible benefit to people and communities. This idea is the inspiration behind Community Connections, a series of events held throughout the week of Congress that will touch on a wide range of social issues of local, regional, or global significance. The series showcases the University of Regina’s strengths in the areas of research, community engagement, Indigenous scholarship, and more.

Community Connections events are a wonderful opportunity for university researchers, students, and the general public to come together to share knowledge,” says André Magnan, Academic Convenor for Congress 2018.

The events will explore and discuss ways in which the humanities and social science scholarship can contribute to the needs of diverse communities, including Indigenous communities; the Fransaskois community; LGBTQ communities; and immigrant and refugee communities.

“I’m impressed by the breadth and innovation of the programming that our University of Regina faculty members and students have come up with. From an audio tour that explores the experiences of LGBTQ people in Regina, to a workshop on Bringing Higher Education to Prison, to talks on controversial issues in our education system, the series has a lot to offer. We’re eager to share the wonderful work our scholars and students are doing with the community at large,” says Magnan.

Over the duration of Congress, more than a dozen topics will be explored through the Community Connections series. They are free and open to the public. For specific dates and times, please see our full series lineup here.