Nunavut Arctic College Media Joins ACUP - Introducing Too Many People - Digital Archive Repatriation Project – Hunter Education Films

Monday, May 15, 2017

Guest blog by Sean Guistini

Nunavut Arctic College Media (NAC Media) is the newest member of the Association of Canadian University Presses (ACUP). NAC Media is the first scholarly press in Canada’s territories. Please visit our site to view our books and films, and download our 2017 catalogue. 

Too Many People
NAC Media is excited to announce the release of our newest book – Willem Rasing’s Too Many People: Contact, Disorder, Change in an Inuit Society, 1822-2015. This is a sweeping and rigorous socio-historical examination of the contact between the outside world and a group of Inuit, the Iglulingmiut, living in Canada’s Eastern Arctic. The nature of these encounters and their impact is described and analyzed from 1822 to 2015. Seeking to understand how order was brought about and maintained during this period of nearly two centuries, the ongoing historical narrative that evolves displays a pattern of interconnected social, economic, political, cognitive and volitional changes in Iglulingmiut society. Too Many People will be available for purchase at the Brunswick Books booth in Congress Expo. Learn more about Too Many People here.

Digital Archive Repatriation
NAC Media is developing a digital archive and is seeking holdings and artifacts relating to Nunavut and the Canadian Eastern Arctic. This past year we have added over 6,000 hours of digital audio, video, photographs and rare arctic books. We are accepting digital donations, and are seeking partnerships to digitize analog audio and film materials, photographs and documents. We are not seeking to “take back” these artifacts, but are seeking digital copies. Many vital archival holdings pertaining to Nunavut are either not accessible or not available within Nunavut. NAC Media is working to repatriate digital archival materials in order that they are available for teachers, students, community members, researchers and legislators across the territory.

Hunter Education Films
Visit to view the films of our Hunter Education Series – Hunting Seal in the Summer and Hunting Caribou in the Fall. The Hunter Education Series facilitates the transmission of knowledge regarding proper hunting techniques, safety and animal behaviour. The films also include information about traditional Inuit hunting beliefs and taboos, and reflections on how to keep animal populations stable and healthy. The films contain actual hunting footage and interviews with hunters and Elders. Forthcoming editions in the Hunter Education Series include Hunting Polar Bear in the Winter, Marine Safety and Hunting Narwhal in the Summer.

For more information on NAC Media please contact Sean Guistini at Sean will be attending Congress and will be available to meet with anyone interested in our publications and digital archive project.


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