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Friday, November 30, 2012

Milena Stanoeva Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Several of our Big Thinking speakers from the past two years have been making waves in different publications this week. On Thursday, Dilip Soman (pictured) spoke about financial literacy and behavioral economics to a full house. The Hill Times published an op-ed (behind pay-wall) on policy meant to increase Canadians’ financial well-being by Soman and a colleague, Nina Mazar, to coincide with his Big Thinking lecture.

The November issue of Policy Options features two articles by past Big Thinking speakers. Last month, Timothy Caulfield presented a Big Thinking lecture of stem cells and medical tourism. Policy Options interviewed Caulfield – you can find the interview here (PDF).

In December 2012, Benoit Dupont presented a Big Thinking lecture on cybercrime and the kind of policy Canada has employed to fight it. Policy Options features an article by him profiling the members of a network of hackers who were recently arrested in Quebec. Read his article here (PDF).



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