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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Milena Stanoeva
Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Library and Archives Canada Preservation CentreThe Tyee has a detailed breakdown of the effects that budget cuts will have on the operation of Library and Archives Canada, including shorter hours, fewer support staff, and the elimination of key services. Read the full list here.

The Council of Ontario Universities has launched Research Matters, a website dedicated to highlighting the work of Ontario’s research community. Check out the innovative research projects featured on the site and submit your own story at

Le Devoir featured an article by Christian Gates St-Pierre on the value of archeology and anthropology, both of which have recently been cited as adding little value to the modern economy by politicians and pundits. St-Pierre argues that, not only does archeology have a real and direct impact on the economy, it is also invaluable in preserving and redressing our historic record and inspiring many aspects of modern culture.

Social Sciences Directory, a new open-source publication for social science research, has issued a call for submission. The first issue and submission criteria are available here.

Congress 2012 may be over, but you can still catch up on Big Thinking lectures, Equity panels or other sessions that you missed over at the Congress blog. In addition, most of the Big Thinking lectures are available in full on YouTube.


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