It's the digital economy, stupid!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ryan Saxby Hill
Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

We at the Federation are getting pretty excited about this week's Big Thinking lecture with Catherine Middleton. Catherine is a super-smart Canada Research Chair at Ryerson University who will be giving us her perspective on Canada's emerging digital economy. With the digital economy consultation wrapping up earlier this year, Catherine's lecture is well-timed for policy makers and parliamentarians. We were also lucky enough to have Catherine conduct a briefing for the media at Congress 2010, which can provide a quick take on her most recent research. The video is posted above.

If you're interested in how the social sciences and humanities can help inform Canada's transition to a digital economy you should not only check back here on the blog for a recording of the lecture, but also take a look at our submission to the national Digital Economy Consultation. If you're in Ottawa and would like to attend the Big Thinking breakfast,  you can find all the details online here. Email me at with any questions!


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