Federal Election 2011: Week one roundup

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week one of Canada's current election campaign is coming to a close. We heard about PSE issues mainly in relation to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s proposed Canadian Learning Passport, an annual $1-billion investment in non-repayable federal student assistance. Tuesday evening, commentary was invited by Don Martin, host of CTV’s Power Play, and both AUCC and CASA were interviewed. During the interview, both organizations highlighted new websites created specifically for the campaign period:

Universities Matter (
Students need to vote (

Other election/PSE resources that may be of interest to those seeking information on the issues include:
The Hill Times ($$) –
National Newswatch –
Researcher Forum –
Adventures in Canadian Post-Secondary Education –
Academica Top Ten –
Margin Notes –
Michael Geist –
Parliament Now ($$) –




Election idea for our politicians: Gas for $1/liter

150 litres of $1/liter gas per month to each Canadian car owner.

Here’s an election platform idea: gas for $1/liter for all Canadian car owners. Let’s make the big rich Oil Corporations and the Canadian Political Parties work for Canadians - the rightful owners of Canada’s natural resources.

This is a challenge to Canadian political parties to introduce the initiative of helping all Canadians with fairly priced gas: 150 litres of gas per month to each car owner at $1/liter.

With today’s soaring gas prices, Oil corporations are making huge profits from Canadian car owner’s pockets. In the past decade, the cost of producing one liter of gas hasn’t changed nearly as much as prices which have doubled. Oil corporations are doing very well financially while the majority of Canadians are facing hardship and financial challenges. Why should this continue?

Oil companies were granted the rights to exploit the Canadian oil reserves by the Canadian Government, the custodian of all natural resources for all Canadians. It is time for the Oil corporations turn to pay – split some of the profits with the Canadians, the rightful owners of the exploited oil reserves.

The Canadian politicians should work with Oil corporations to help ease the Canadians financial burden by providing them with a Canadian product at a fair price:

150 liters of gas per month to each car owner at $1/liter
300 liters of gas per month to each car owner with small business at $1/liter

If the Oil corporations in Canada can export gasoline products below the market price then they should first reward those who gave them the business of exploiting the Canadian oil reserves – that is, the Canadian people.