Child minding at Congress – Keeping the kids involved

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Doug Junke

When it comes to Congress 2014, it’s not all about the adults. There’s a child-minding service for participants’ children as well.

“It’s been a great experience,” says Marie Reimer, Brock University’s special projects and operations co-ordinator. “I’m working with excellent people who are putting the university in the spotlight, Congress 2014 and the Federation (for the Humanities and Social Sciences) as well.”

And the kids?

“The children are responding really well … they seem to be enjoying themselves…. And we’ve had a good response from the parents,” said Reimer.

Thirty-one children of Congress participants were pre-registered for the child-minding service, ranging in age from eight months to 12 years. They hail from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia. The service is in conjunction with Brock’s Rosalind Blauer Centre for Child Care and Youth University.

“We provide the kids with a structured day but also provide some flexibility to meet their interests,” said Reimer.

For the 22 children eight months to six years of age, the activities are based on Blauer Centre programming. It allows for creative time, free play, imaginative play and sensory play -- and let’s not forget nap time. Early Childhood Education graduates are among those caring for the toddlers in a suite, in a dedicated residence space, complete with a child-care area.

For the nine children aged seven to 12 years, it is a curriculum-based day borrowed from Brock’s Youth University (YU) program. The YU staff provides a different theme each day, including robot technology, game design, science 101, stop motion movie production and Greek mythology. While they are set up in a residence, they also have plenty of green space for recreational activities nearby.

“Our instructors have been super-awesome,” said Reimer. “It’s made my job as co-ordinator so much easier.

“And for the kids to be in a university atmosphere learning and having fun, I truly believe is an amazing experience that will leave a lasting impression.”


For more about the child-mind program at The Rosalind Blauer Centre at Brock University, please click here.


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