July 2010


Social Sciences and Humanities Key to Digital Economy

Daniel Paul O’Donnell, Federation member and Co-President of the Society for the Digital Humanities wrote an op ed piece in the Edmonton Journal this week discussing the role that the humanities and social sciences have in the development of Canada’s digital economy. According to O’Donnell, “What makes the new digital economy so exciting and so different from what came before is the emphasis it places on problems humanists and social scientists have always studied: organization and communication; finding the balance between the group and the individual; and producing, disseminating and sharing cultural work.”

O’Donnell’s comments are timely given that the government’s digital economy consultation has just closed. As a country we need to ensure that perspectives from across the full spectrum of disciplines are able to contribute to innovation...

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Good news for a new generation of talent

Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

The Federal government yesterday announced enhanced support for Canada’s next generation of scholars. SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC will jointly administer the new Banting Posdoctoral Fellowship program which will provide $70 000 annually for two years to support high-level post-doctoral research. The Federation is pleased that the new fellowship will be allocated equally between the three granting agencies, as it is the case for the Vanier Postgraduate Scholarships.  Many people and groups have advocated for such support and the creation of the fellowship is in line with our message that Canada needs to mobilize the best talent in every discipline to address today’s...

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