2010 Canadian Science Policy Conference

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jean-Marc Mangin
Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Organized a dynamic group of young scholars,  the 2010 Canadian Science Policy Conference brought together a who’s who of leaders in the Canadian research enterprise from the federal and provincial government, research centres, universities and private sectors.

Although humanities and social sciences were under-represented, the panels addressed many issues of concerns to our community: the role of innovation in the economic recovery; critical overview of innovation and impact assessment as linear processes. (SSCHR Chad Gaffield’s remarks were picked up by several speakers;  Louise Shaxson presented an exciting alternative to logical framework analysis, see her call for greater attention to behavior change and social network mapping. Food security, arctic and northern policy and the role of universities were also discussed.

Paul Davenport released the report on research integrity by the expert panel of the Council of Canadian Academies which called for  the creation of a new entity, the Canadian Council for Research Integrity (CCRI). The new council would promote best practice and standards and provide confidential advise but would not police. This responsibility would be left to universities and the granting councils. AUCC and the tri-councils have warmly welcome the recommendations of this report.