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Big Thinking Podcast: Double Diepeveen and shiny things edition

Photo courtesy joshuaseye on Flickr.

Will the real modernity please stand up? This episode of the Big Thinking podcast delves into the world of modernity, skepticism, fraud and satire. Leonard Diepeveen of Dalhousie University talks about his research on the emergence of striking new art, bored soldiers writing fake avant garde verse, and parodies of Gertrude Stein – and what that reveals about modernity and society, even today. Plus, we get a sneak preview of Len’s explorations – with Timothy van Laar of the University of Illinois – of all things shiny.


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Big Thinking: Dwayne Donald on Aboriginal-Canadian relations and educational priorities

On What Terms Can We Speak? Aboriginal-Canadian Relations as an Education Priority

Last June, Chief Shawn Atleo made a passionate plea to all governments, education institutions and private organizations to support the Assembly of First Nations vision of creating a strong educational foundation for Aboriginal students. Across Canada, emerging educational initiatives are aimed at engaging and retaining Aboriginal youth in the school and university systems. Yet much of the research informing these initiatives focuses on identifying culturally-relevant educational approaches that can foster higher rates of Aboriginal student success. While very important, this focus implies that these initiatives are only a concern for Aboriginal students, their families, and their teachers.

In this talk,...

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Big Thinking Podcast launches!

We're very pleased to announce the launch of our Big Thinking podcast series, featuring interviews with some of Canada's big thinkers in the humanities and social sciences. This podcast brings these researchers right to your computer, your iPod or your stereo.

In Episode One of the Big Thinking podcast, we talk to Evan Fraser from the University of Guelph about Food Riots, what his food utopia would look like and how a moisture regime motivate changes in the way we think about our food. Simply click below and start listening!


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Big Thinker Keith Ambachtsheer on CBC's The House

This past spring we hosted pension expert Keith Ambachtsheer for our Big Thinking lecture on Parliament Hill. Last weekend on CBC Radio One, Keith leveraged his informed and reliable take on Canada's pension system to offer an analysis of recent proposals for reform in Canada. This is one of many examples of where our community is being called on to address critical and pressing issues. You can listen to the podcast of The House online here and get the audio recording of our Big Thinking lecture here.

We're hosting our next Big Thinking event on February 9th with Lori Curtis. Get all the details at or from the Facebook...

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Between militarization and litigiousness: Canada's policy choices in the fight against cybercrime

According to a February 2010 survey sponsored by the antivirus software company Symantec, 79% of respondents in 14 countries believed that cybercriminals will never be brought to justice.

As the risks linked to the use of Internet and its pervasiveness in our everyday lives become better documented, Canadian policies relating to cybercrime remain relatively vague.  Some countries, like the United States, have chosen to militarize their response to these threats while others, such as France, have based their response on excessive litigiousness.

What are the choices available to Canadian policy- and decision-makers?  Is it possible to consider an alternative approach to bridging the characteristics of the Internet and a flexible legislative framework that can respond to the needs of Canadians facing increasing cyber-...

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Catch up on your Big Thinking this summer

Summer is a great time to catch up on that reading list that eludes you the rest of the year - be it refreshing your memory of Kant or devouring the latest Stieg Larsson thriller. This final month of summer would also be a great time to catch up on the Big Thinking lectures you might have missed at this year's Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. We've uploaded many of the lectures to the Experience Congress website. You can download the MP3 or listen directly from the website. While you're there, why not poke around the other great video, audio...

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