About our governance structure

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences is a national, non-profit, member-based organization. Our membership is comprised of 79 scholarly associations80 institutions, and nine affiliates.

The President of each member association and each member institution must identify a Member Representative to represent them at the Annual Meeting, if they are unable to attend the Annual Meeting themselves.

The Annual Meeting is an occasion to:

  • receive the annual report from the Board of Directors;
  • receive the financial statements and auditor’s report;
  • appoint auditors for the next audit;
  • hold elections for open positions on the Board of Directors;
  • approve applications for Federation membership;
  • sanction changes to the Federation’s bylaws; and
  • discuss issues of importance to the humanities and social sciences community.

Nominees to the Board of Directors should be affiliated with an association, university or college that is a member of the Federation. The 12-person Board of Directors is comprised of the Chair and 11 Directors.

The President and Chief Executive Officer leads the Federation’s day-to-day operations and reports to the Board on a regular basis.

Federation bylaws

Board of Directors positions and mandates

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